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Program Updates

The Brandon Harrison Memorial Community Garden

"Be Smooth"

“Be Smooth” is what Brandon would say when ending phone calls and interactions. What it meant to

him was… be safe, be calm, and make good decisions. Brandon was a warrior in the social justice

movement and believed the school to prison pipeline was/is a means designed to impede the positive

contributions and success of young boys and men of color in our society. He was an advocate for our

marginalized communities. Social justice, restorative justice and advocacy were passions we shared and debated regularly.

This non-profit has been established to honor Brandon’s legacy and continue the work of disrupting the

school to prison pipeline. The idea of specialized case management services for children  is one that I have been discussing with others for several years. I am grateful for the opportunity to implement this program and serve students in Stockton. I am certain these services will improve the attendance, behavior and academic performance of the students (families) participating in this program.

Special thanks to The California Endowment for providing funding so this idea could be realized.

Lecia Harrison

Executive Director


Promote education, healing, and positive youth development

Available to assist boys & young men of color (BYMOC) from Stockton who have experienced trauma and institutional racism

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